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The Skills of Creative Partnership

Partnership can be expressed as, “I am whole and complete, and you are whole and complete, and we create together.” In this new model of partnership we create our wholeness by developing our consciousness, creating precise intentions that guide the partnership, managing our energy, being self-responsible to our needs, taking risks, and actively surrendering.

Partnership is a relationship in which more is possible than each could accomplish alone. In a partnership, the best of two or many becomes a collective vision. Partnership stretches and teaches us, the greater vision causing us to grow past our habits or short-sightedness. Partnership supports us on the often rugged path to greatness. Partnership is an art; it requires specific skills of doing and being. Members are fully in self care, while at the same time integral to a collective whole. In this workshop, participants will evaluate their partnership, and will learn skills of individuation, co-creativity, and self responsibility, using a model of personal risk, conscious choice and energy management.

This is a full day workshop intended for forming or active partnerships, of a business or personal nature.