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Lucy Morris, President

Almost everyone can identify an activity that really challenges them, energizes them and calls them into their best. For those people, life is a sport. My sport of choice, the one that shapes my life, is also one of my creation: transformational Cliff Jumping®, as well as all the Consciousness Training Programs at Phoenix Possibilities Inc.

I have worked successfully in many fields not knowing how, but by just jumping in. Imagine. I have been a florist, a building supervisor for mentally challenged adults, a customer service manager for over 40 thousand annuity customers, a recruiter, an energy therapist and an entrepreneur. I have coached physicians in federal legislative processes and raised funds for organizations I believed in. I can recount many stories of wanting or needing to do something new and just going for it with no particular prior experience. Reflecting on my professional adventures, I see that not knowing always gave me an edge. I didn't have expectations that got in the way of producing results. Paradoxically, not knowing gave me my strategy.

While my training is non-traditional, it is extensive. I have followed my intuition and chosen courses and self-development work to give me effectiveness as a human being. I have spent thousands of hours in multiple trainings around the country in my own guided, unique program of study. I have learned how to embrace the unknown, get out of my own way and risk to produce results in alignment with my intention. Doing the work in my own life has allowed me to embody the wisdom of my training, and in the synthesis of who I am, created the platform for what would be my invention, my contribution. It has led me into to realm of working with leadership and mastery, which I have been training for all my life.