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Community leaders have a finely nuanced challenge when they endeavor to be drivers of large-scale social change. Whether leaders of a church congregation, civic group, social organization, human rights organization, or service profession, they dwell in paradox.

Leaders are visionaries of human possibility. They see into futures that stretch people. Whatever their field or product, by their very nature they ask people to grow and change - sometimes from absolute necessity, sometimes toward brilliant inspiration. Leaders yield specific, behavioral change that brings their vision into dynamic, living, breathing, results-producing reality.

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Happily, the Law of Attraction is becoming widely understood and accepted in our everyday culture.  At this point, if you're not at least creating some intentions here and there, and maybe amazing yourself occasionally with seemingly magical results, you're basically behind the wave in using our known human potential.  That's not an insult.  It's simply to say that the conscious use of consciousness isn't just for flakes anymore.  Consciousness has gone mainstream.

Who am I and what do I really want?
Ever feel like there's a ball of energy inside of you, a desire, but you aren't sure how to make it work for you?  Ever feel stuck in obligation or responsibility, struggling to keep up?  Ever find yourself yearning to know who you really are?

It's a pretty common experience.  There is opportunity to grow in profit, presence and fulfillment.  The catch is you must be willing to risk.

Personal risk begins with intention.

I was talking with a friend recently who was lamenting the endless details of her job. Her passion, enthusiasm and personal will for her calling were waning fast. This woman is no slacker mind you, and she is one of the more impassioned people I know. In fact, her mission is so far-reaching that its fulfillment may affect the quality of life for people on a global scale. So this conversation got me thinking about the power of intention, and the despair that shows up in its absence. The absence of intention is deadly.

Who am I?  The question, Who am I? seems to be one that everyone is experiencing. Perhaps it is nature or our intuition nudging us in the direction of what works.

There is a simple way to begin:

Think of your body as a colorful, dynamically fluid, ever-changing source of energy for everything and everybody in your life.  Did I say source of energy?  You bet.  Energy follows consciousness.  If you're conscious of it, your personal energy follows.  Every thought you think, every emotion you feel, every item you own, every person you relate with, every space you occupy - it is all being sourced by your personal energy field.  Staggering.  Your very being is not only part of the collective, cosmic soup; it is also the fire beneath the pot

When we demand certainty in our lives we are using the energy of dominance. When we have to know the answer there is no room for movement, change or creativity. We think we have power when we use dominance. In reality, dominance suppresses any opportunity and information that might come our way. There is no power in certainty.

Just as the Universe is multi-dimensional, people are multidimensional. Each has many ways of being, attitudes and behaviors waiting in potential to be expressed. How we are being about another person co-creates the dimension of them we get to experience.

The Vibrational Change Theory™ is an experiential, behavior-change model that causes participants to make self-directed, behavioral changes in alignment with the positive vision of the skills being taught. The model opens creative possibilities in participants that even their leaders cannot foresee, because the model's impact is inherently multidimensional. The Vibrational Change Theory™ is particularly useful as a large-scale, social change model. The model is derived from how individuals change.