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Public Speaking

Paula Sellars provides inspired public speaking for conferences, workshops and special events. We customize presentations and talks according to the themes, purposes and desires of your event. Every talk incorporates Phoenix Possibilities inner skills of personal risk and human empowerment. In addition to being motivational, all talks are interactive, instructional and entertaining. Participants are left with clarity of personal purpose, and most importantly, actionable skills.

Our talks are always customized. We bring the skills of personal risk to themes and topics such as:

  • Creating Partnerships
  • Developing Inherent Leadership
  • Expanding Prosperity and Mastering Finances
  • Clarifying Personal Intention
  • Creating Health and Wellbeing
  • Deepening Self Care
  • Managing Energy and Creating Personal ‘Resonance’


Choose from the topics below, or talk with us to customize your experience.

Being a Catalyst for Cultural Change

When behavior patterns change in a large network of social relationships, and when this change is visible, repetitive, natural, and sustained over time, it can be said that cultural change has taken place. 
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The Art of Risk Communication

Risk Communication is an inspired conversation for new possibility that takes place because of the full presence of each participant.
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Is This Your Season for Change?

This is a highly interactive workshop among participants for identifying their most important values and assessing their most important growing edges.
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The Skills of Creative Partnership

Partnership can be expressed as, “I am whole and complete, and you are whole and complete, and we create together.”
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Trust in times of Intense Change

In times of intense change, the ability to trust and live intentionally in present time is the New Frontier.
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Personal Risk as a Path to Vitality and Health

Stagnation and disease in the body arise from stagnation and dis-ease in our energy field.  And very often the energy field of our body is a mirror of the energy in our life.
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