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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Just as the Universe is multi-dimensional, people are multidimensional. Each has many ways of being, attitudes and behaviors waiting in potential to be expressed. How we are being about another person co-creates the dimension of them we get to experience.

Now those of us who tend to be overly responsible for others could hear this as another reason to blame ourselves for a problematic relationship. And those of us who tend to be under-responsible will want to clamor and squirm out of this truth, especially when faced with someone to whom we regularly fall "victim." But a truth it remains. Neither of these is a good option, nor the point of this article.

In the new paradigm we must learn to live in paradox. At the mundane level, we are not responsible for others or for their choices - believing that we are leads to micro managing and convolution, a whole other sticky brand of destructiveness. But we are responsible to our selves, to our divinity and to the collective for what we create, through our intentions, in other people.

This brings us to another important distinction. What we think, feel, expect or believe about another person functions as our intention and creates outcomes for that person and for us. So, in moments of purity and reflection we may want partnership and cohesion with our "other." We may wish to experience them in a better way. And we may say that this is our intention. But if in the day to day, when the rubber meets the road, we are resentful toward them, expect and wait for screw-ups and think they are generally "not ok", this will function as our intention and be the creative hand with which we are shaping them. Our own little squirrelly habits, no matter how honestly we acquired them, will become our worst enemy and frankly, will entrap others in their negative behaviors when they are with us.

We have to take ourselves in hand and await the best in others. Better that we might imagine the desires of our higher self and relate to this possibility in the other. This means actually feeling, in our bodies, the possibility that an interaction could leave us both in places more satisfying, more creative, and whole. It means expecting that our other has something to become in our presence, something constructive, something unforeseen, and delightful.

So if you really want to lead, to contribute something great, something that ripples an effect far beyond just the moment, use your intention to call people into their best. Think about their possibilities. Support them. Be the resonance of that which your higher self would have them be. Have the courage to be the benevolent observer that awaits the miraculous in another. Be willing to have them shine. And practice this until your very presence becomes a healing current that carries those in your wake to their highest selves.

2009 Phoenix Possibilities Inc, Paula Sellars