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Inviting Power In

When we demand certainty in our lives we are using the energy of dominance. When we have to know the answer there is no room for movement, change or creativity. We think we have power when we use dominance. In reality, dominance suppresses any opportunity and information that might come our way. There is no power in certainty.

“I don't know” is the way to invite power into your life. It is the initial step toward creativity. It's the starting point for contribution and our ability to have partnership. Being receptive allows energy to come toward you, thus you have more power.

To invite power into your life:

  • Design an intention for your project, conversation, or partnership. The intention is not a certainty. It is the feel, resonance, direction, or possibility of the outcome.
  • Begin with the thought that you do not know how to achieve your intention. This creates receptivity. Keep repeating the statement, I don't know, until you can feel a sense of neutral.
  • Generate the feeling of trusting yourself; you are bringing energy toward you.
  • Be willing to play with surprising opportunities as they arise.
  • Feel into available choices to discern which ones match your intention. You bring energy into your body by feeling into the choice.
  • Move into a chosen action that aligns with your intention.

When you are willing to risk with an unknown outcome, your results are surprising, and a fuller expression of your desired outcome. True Power is an act of creation.

© 2009 Phoenix Possibilities Inc, Lucy Morris