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Want More Energy? Get Complete.

Think of your body as a colorful, dynamically fluid, ever-changing source of energy for everything and everybody in your life.  Did I say source of energy?  You bet.  Energy follows consciousness.  If you're conscious of it, your personal energy follows.  Every thought you think, every emotion you feel, every item you own, every person you relate with, every space you occupy - it is all being sourced by your personal energy field.  Staggering.  Your very being is not only part of the collective, cosmic soup; it is also the fire beneath the pot.  No wonder you tire from time to time!

It is important to be choosy about where you spend your life force.  When you feel powerless, out of balance or lacking in vitality, it simply means that you are sending out your personal energy on missions that don't serve you.  One of the fastest ways to reclaim personal energy is to practice Completion.

Practicing Completion

  1. Clean out your closets. Literally.  If you use it, love it, or see it as a representation of a future that you want to create, by all means, keep it.  It gives you life.  All else, give away or recycle.  And be selective about sentimentality.  Even those items absorb your present-time energy.
  2. Refine your thoughts. Nothing drains your personal energy more than fearful, "what if" scenarios and replays of the past.  Exercise the personal discipline to cultivate thoughts that are aligned with what you want to create.  Your thoughts do create your experience! 
  3. Clean up emotional leftovers. If you can do this in-person with an apology or a specific request for what you need in the future, do that.  You'll be surprised how much energy you reclaim.  If the person is not available for any reason, write a letter, and write and write with the intention of forgiveness.  Don't stop writing until you get there.  And don't forget to forgive yourself.
  4. Be complete in the moment. Say no to offers that you never intend to follow through with.  Don't take-on obligations for which you have no passion.  Trust the creativity of the universe and of other people to find what they need.  Trust yourself to stand empty-handed until the right match shows up.  And when you are inspired by a possibility, jump in, even when you have no idea where it is going. 
  5. Never step over anything.  In your important relationships, if something doesn't feel right, address it.  You'll burn much less energy getting clear and making choices, than letting it fester, or creating new structures over misunderstandings.  

Try on any one of these Completion exercises and enjoy the rush!    
© 2009 Phoenix Possibilities Inc., Paula Sellars