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Who Am I?

Who am I?  The question, Who am I? seems to be one that everyone is experiencing. Perhaps it is nature or our intuition nudging us in the direction of what works.

There is a simple way to begin:

  • Get in touch with the body you live in. Who am I? is in there. Feel your feet. Feel that your body is inside of your skin. Find the bones in each part of your body with your hands, your mind, your senses.
  • Begin to question everything. How do I really like my eggs cooked? What color sheets do I really want on my bed? What is my personal opinion about the environment? What music do I like? Does this product give me what I need? Give yourself permission to have different likes, wants, desires and opinions. It is ok if it changes daily. 
  • Begin to notice how you feel about things. Our feelings are inside of us. Bringing attention and thought to our feelings has us connected to ourselves. How do I feel about the clothes in my closet? Do they feel like me? Go through each one seeing if it really feels like you. Observe what is left without judgment. Let the feeling of it seep in.  Be willing not to know what clothes represent you. 
  • Take an honest look at your relationships. Who leaves you feeling drained? Who are you manipulating for something? Where is suffering and judgment present in your community?  Perhaps it is time to let go of a few of them.  Choose your community consciously so that you have a reflection of friends around you that feels comfortable, expanding, and genuine. 
  • Start to explore different avenues of interest. Go to a library or a large bookstore. Find something you have never explored and dive in. Find experts. Try something on, let it go and find something else.  Keep exploring. 

Your attention to yourself is not selfish; it is the only way to find yourself. If we do not know who we are, we cannot contribute our true gifts.

©Phoenix Possibilities Inc, 2004 Lucy Morris