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Personal Risk: A Gateway to Desire

Who am I and what do I really want?
Ever feel like there's a ball of energy inside of you, a desire, but you aren't sure how to make it work for you?  Ever feel stuck in obligation or responsibility, struggling to keep up?  Ever find yourself yearning to know who you really are?

It's a pretty common experience.  There is opportunity to grow in profit, presence and fulfillment.  The catch is you must be willing to risk.

Personal risk begins with intention.

What is an intention, really?
Intention is something first and foremost that you feel.  It is an inner experience of what personally satisfies you.  People use words like joy, peace, contentment, relief, fulfillment to describe it; but in the end, it is a feeling that comes over the body when we have aligned our energy with our desire.

Intention is your platform for risk.

Now that I know what intention is, how do I create one?
Creating intention is an inside job.  Consider the following steps to guide you:

  1. Breathe deeply.  Feel your feet resting flat on the floor.
  2. Get in your body.  Get comfortable with silence as you feel your breath moving through you. 
  3. Think of an area in which you want to enrich your life, or something you wish to change.  If you were functioning optimally, or if everything were just as you desire, how would you feel?  This feeling is your intention. 
  4. Remember the physical feelings in your body that come with the intention you created.  What does the energy feel like?  The key is being able to remember the feeling in your body so that you can create it at will.

Risks are risky!

We said that manifesting our desires requires risk.  So what exactly does "personal risk" mean?  
You will know you are in risk if all of the following are true:

  1. Your action is a new one (new to you) and you or someone else can see it happening.  It is a new action in your world, not just something you think about.  It may be a conversation you have, a contract you finally sign, or even something you stop doing that doesn't take care of you.  You are stepping out of your comfort zone to act on your desire or intention.
  2. The outcome is unknown!  When the outcome is unknown,  you have opened the door to possibility, but more about that in another article. 
  3. The action has alignment with your intention.  Taking the risk gives you the feeling you desired in the above exercise.  In the moment, you embody the desired feeling as you take the risk.

The Universe loves action!

Think of it this way.  Every thought and every feeling sends a request to the universe that the universe must fulfill.  This is a natural law.  It's called the law of attraction.  But let's face it: most of us send a hodge-podge of mixed messages on any given day.  But risk, or new action, is like voting with our feet.  New action says to the universe, Yes, I know I am a mixture of thoughts and feelings, but this risk represents the truth of what I really want. 

Here's the other benefit of risk.  It gives you a feeling a wholeness or completion; an ability to rest in our intention and feel as though we've finally had some integrity between our desires and our choices.  And that in itself is enough, moment to moment, to fulfill our intention. 

© 2009 Phoenix Possibilities Inc., Paula Sellars