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Nuances of the Law of Attraction

Happily, the Law of Attraction is becoming widely understood and accepted in our everyday culture.  At this point, if you're not at least creating some intentions here and there, and maybe amazing yourself occasionally with seemingly magical results, you're basically behind the wave in using our known human potential.  That's not an insult.  It's simply to say that the conscious use of consciousness isn't just for flakes anymore.  Consciousness has gone mainstream.

So let's quickly review the Law of Attraction and then get into an important nuance of its use.  Without getting too technical, the Law of Attraction simply says that your consciousness attracts its own reflection.  This just means that what you think about, feel, and apply your energy to functions as your intention.  And, you attract what you intend - the good, the bad and the ugly.  Consciousness is active, and it changes moment to moment. You attract the energetic match of what you are being in the moment.

Think of it this way: every thought and every feeling operates as a request of the Universe, and it's the Universe's job to simply fulfill requests.  This is going on all the time, not just in the times when you intend it to.  (uh oh.)  Now you get the picture. 


It can be fun to play with the concept of multidimensionality when using the Law of Attraction.  Ok, so multidimensionality is another big word, much like consciousness used to be.  Multi means many.  Dimension means extent or magnitude.  So multidimensional means having many extents, many magnitudes.  Many parts.  No big deal.

Consciousness attracts, multi-dimensionally.  You can't compartmentalize your consciousness.  This means that the energy of your thoughts, feelings and actions is reverberating into all domains of your life at once.  This is good news!  Sometimes we cannot come up with a solution or a direction in a particular area of life.  For example, sometimes we know we want to change careers, but we just have no idea where we are headed in that domain.  Multidimensionality says that's ok.  We simply have to feel into our desired intention and use it in as many other domains as we can find, knowing it will cause results in multiple domains.

Suppose you want to feel more adventure or more contribution via your career.  Great!  That's your intention.  But boy, you just don't know what you're your new career might be.  Multidimensionality says apply adventure and contribution in as many dimensions of your life as you can find - maybe with your spouse or children, maybe at your church, maybe doing something entirely new on the weekend.  As you become your intention of adventure and contribution, know that you are attracting opportunities of that same vibration, multi-dimensionally.  You become the energy of that which you seek, even if that thing is unknown.  

As you establish your intentional way of being in your energy body through actions you take in many dimensions of your life, the area of your concern breaks loose!  It has to.   It's the Universal Law.  This may take some time because you are establishing a new energetic imprint within yourself.  It may also take some personal risk: either trying-on new choices, or carving away that which does not fulfill adventure and contribution.  But with a little playful determination your intention gains a momentum of its own.  Your results may look a little like magic, but the truth is you've created it quite deliberately...through the multidimensional use of the Law of Attraction.

Dig it?

2009 Phoenix Possibilities Inc., Paula Sellars