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The Cliff Jumping Audio Workbook Program

A live recording of all 7 Cliff Jumping classes, plus an interactive workbook. You’ll experience dynamic instruction, and hear Cliff Jumping participants offer their insights, questions and examples. The interactive workbook provides an in-depth discussion of the skills and concepts in each class, and ushers you through exercises and real-life action in each.

Excellent for self study. Well organized for study groups.

You'll receive 9 CDs and a full color, interactive workbook.

Cliff Jumping is designed as a 6-month class.  It is suggested that you complete the Foundation Course first, then use one class per month for application in your life.

Price: $189.00

Order your copy now!

Live! Grow! Enjoy!

The Classes:

  • The Foundation Course (3 discs) Practice the core, inner skills that enable you to risk: Intention, Responsibility to the Self, Energy Management, Development of Consciousness, Risk, and Active Surrender. Discover new operating principles that reliably yield personal satisfaction, vitality and contribution.
  • Code of Honor (1 disc) Discover the beliefs and codes that you have used to design your life. Create an Intentional Self and Conscious Codes of Honor that fulfill that best self.
  • Risk Communication (1 disc) Enroll others in your desires and visions, and relate to others from present-time possibilities, rather than expectations based in the past.
  • Trust (1 disc) Learn what trust in yourself is, and how to cultivate it. Discover how trusting yourself deepens your spiritual life and your ability to co-create with the Divine.
  • Creation and Completion (1 disc) Utilize the natural energies of the Creation-Completion Cycle within your projects, creating greater ease and perfect timing.
  • Choice and Responsibility to the Self (1 disc) Risk new choices that serve your intended Self, and release habits that do not serve you.
  • Self Care and Desire (1 disc) Discover the inseparable relationship between Self Care, Desire, and Destiny, and practice the skills that facilitate these in your life. 

Totals approximately 10.5 hours of instruction