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Cliff Jumping®

A Six-Month Advanced Training for Individuals & Organizations

Course Description

The Cliff Jumping® Program is a 6-month course in actively trusting yourself. Coming to the edge of what you know and learning to jump. It's a course in creating your best self, and cultivating that self through personal risk. In the process, you create vitality and discover the extraordinary within you.

Through Cliff Jumping®, you get clear about your deepest intentions.  You learn to manage your personal energy, your vibration.  You create satisfaction and partnership in your relationships.  You express your most authentic contributions.  You choose your self care as your highest priority.  You actively risk into new territory in all the areas of your life.

Cliff Jumping® teaches personal risk and energy management as tools for:

  • Moment to moment satisfaction
  • Health and Vitality
  • Authentic self expression
  • Contribution in community

To take a meaningful risk, Cliff Jumpers change not only their actions, but also their mind, their emotional state, and their energy body.  Through personal risk, they break out of what is habitual and ordinary for them and become extra-ordinary.  Their lives and their physical health often change quite rapidly.  Even more, those who are willing to risk experience tremendous freedom and empowerment, and usually contribute something ground-breaking to others in the process.  They heal themselves and their communities because their change naturally catalyzes change in others.  They create health and personal expansion at the level of energy, and this causes tangible results in their lives.




We need a capacity to take risks to maintain their health and vitality;  not just occasionally, when the going got tough, but as a way of living.  In the Cliff Jumping® Program, you learn to alter your consciousness and thus your energy, enabling you to risk, grow and contribute in a self reinforcing, self empowering process.


Classes and individual sessions are conducted by phone or in person.  You may also purchase the CDs & Workbook for self-study.



Interact with our What is My Growing Edge questionnaire to discover on your own what difference The Cliff Jumping® Program can make in your life.  Your answers will be emailed back to you as your place to begin.  Phoenix Possibilities Inc does not receive or record your responses.  



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