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Client Stories

Michael's Story

"Like so many executives," he admits, "I absolutely hated confrontations--especially firing people. "I'm more centered and settled now; I trust myself more. I no longer second-guess myself about what I say. I'm not serving anyone unless I'm clear about exactly what I believe works and what doesn't." "As an entrepreneur," Michael says, "you're not paid for your time; you're paid for your results. The Cliff Jumping Program is all about learning how to get exactly the results you want."

"It's also about a personal metamorphosis which occurs from the inside out. A rapidly evolving world requires all of us to evolve with it--which means taking constant risks. Running and hiding are not options, and one form of hiding may well be a simple lack of awareness."

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Teresa's Story

"I enrolled in Cliff Jumping, a six-month program of consciousness training, and I began to be aware of how 'unconscious' I had been of Me. I was unaware of my needs and thoughts, and paralyzed by my fears. With my Cliff Jumping trainer, I started to understand fear and risk differently, and I made several bold moves right away to take care of myself."

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John's Story

John is a forty-something man who considered himself to be a cautious person. 'Truth was he lived his life through a lens of fear, like many of us. He spent 25 years in the same career and stayed there because he thought it was "the right thing to do." It wasn't that he was terribly unhappy or hated his job. He stayed because of the fear of doing something new and risking his financial security. In the background though was the nagging feeling that life was not as satisfying as it could be. Secure, sort of. Vital? Definitively no. John's employer decided to downsize and close the office. He was faced with making a choice. Relocate to Atlanta and keep his financially secure corporate job or stay in Charleston, South Carolina and create something new. Relocation was not an option but the underlying fear, despite a generous severance package, was at the forefront of John's life. He decided to start searching for another corporate job much like the one he had before. Around the same time, John learned he had a potentially life threatening illness. He was diagnosed with lung cancer. John was stopped cold...

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Meg's Story

Meg Hoyle considered herself a risk taker. She'd traveled to far off places like Zimbabwe; worked with exotic animals, alligators and snakes. Meg had planned her entire life from childhood. She knew then that she wanted to be a scientist. She knew where she wanted to go to school, where she wanted to live; Meg was a planner. She was achieving her goals.

She took the "job of a lifetime" with the State of South Carolina as a biologist. It was employment that offered Meg adequate benefits, excellent compensation, and security. But something was missing. Meg was bored. Stuck. She wasn't thriving personally or in her career, even though it was the job she always wanted. Life according to plan was not all it had cracked up to be.

Feeling edgy, Meg was ready for her life to change though she didn't know in what way...

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