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The Cliff Jumping? Program Q&A


What is The Cliff Jumping® Program? 

The Cliff Jumping® Program is a training course based on taking conscious risks and learning to manage our energy. These enable people to create themselves and execute change in an empowering way.  In short, it’s a course in actively trusting yourself … coming to the edge of what you know and learning to jump. 

Cliff Jumping® is not a series of tips or tools.  It is not therapy, self-help or traditional coaching.  It is not an outdoor challenge course. The Cliff Jumping® Program provides specific, inner technology for the development of consciousness using Universal truths and operating principles. Participants are trained to use this inner technology to make choices that quickly deliver results in alignment with their personal intentions.   Personal breakthroughs are easy and immediate.

Why would someone participate in The Cliff Jumping® Program?

People participate in the Cliff Jumping® Program to activate their desire and purpose, to risk for choices that serve them, and to experience a model for leadership that allows them to contribute naturally, with no self sacrifice. 

How is the program structured? 

Cliff Jumping® is a 6-month program available to anyone with a phone. It includes a series of 7 classes, 22 individual integration sessions and additional support structures. Participants can begin the program at any time. The pricing of the program is commensurate with advanced training. The program is taught by phone or in person by a licensed Cliff Jumping® Leader.  It is also available for self study in an audio & workbook format.

What is the value of Risk? Why Risk?

There is tremendous risk in status quo.  The price of not being conscious, of not being in action, is stagnation and loss. Conscious, proactive risk gives participants the ability to powerfully influence the trajectory of inevitable change toward their intentions.  The choice to risk causes participants to look closely for what they desire and brings their personal energy into present time, where they have power.  Rather than controlling for outcomes, participants make conscious leaps of faith toward what serves them.  Results are dramatic and multidimensional.

What is the experience of The Cliff Jumping® Program like?  What does it feel like to go through the program?

The experience of The Cliff Jumping® Program is very much like jumping from a cliff: there is anticipation, trust, action and freedom.  Some participants describe a growing internal calm, some a lasting feeling of enthusiasm and excitement.  The inner technology of Cliff Jumping® enables clarity and focused action.  Participants universally describe unprecedented power, deep satisfaction and the ability to contribute.  For most, the program is a watershed experience as people report using the inner technology long after they’ve completed the course.

What kind of results do participants get?

The Cliff Jumping® Program delivers multidimensional results: in relationships, business, health, leadership and personal purpose.

Graduates have the ability to make the right choice for themselves every time. Individuals discover how the choices they make diminish or enhance their own vitality.  In the end, the whole of their lives reflects the integrity of their intentions, which leads to confidence, dynamic balance and the ability to take risks.

Participants have the inner technology to design their lives as a whole:  from the inside out, driven from their authentic desires. They are able to make choices based on an inner reference, rather than what is expected of them, or what is supposed to come “next” in life.  Instead of running their life from their “to do” list, they create their life from their authentic desires and intentions.

What kind of person takes The Cliff Jumping® Program?

People who engage in The Cliff Jumping® Program have noticed that their choices and decisions are not delivering what they truly want.  They may feel out of balance, or find themselves in a transition for which they are not prepared.  They may feel they are “sailing without a rudder.”  They want to find a way of navigating life that works. They are willing to be in action and are willing to risk.

How was The Cliff Jumping® Program invented?

Working for years as an energy therapist, Lucy Morris identified the ways one’s energy affected health, outlook on life, and general level of satisfaction. Whenever a client appeared stressed, ill or depressed, Lucy was able to determine that those low levels of energy were connected to an opportunity for change, which included risk.

Lucy discovered that clients taking those identified risks had a positive effect on their energy.  Every time, the result was the same: amazing replenishment of energy, healing from ailments, emergence of unlimited possibilities, and personal satisfaction.

Lucy recognized an opportunity to inspire clients to heal themselves by making different choices, creating intentional change, and welcoming risk. She launched The Cliff Jumping Program in November of 2000, and founded the company through which it is now offered, Phoenix Possibilities Inc.