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Phoenix Possibilities Inc.
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Asheville, NC 28802
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Partnership Possibilities? Program

An Action-Based Training for Dynamic and Satisfying Partnerships

There is a new model of partnership emerging that can be expressed as, "I am whole and complete.  You are whole and complete.  We create together."  In this new model of partnership, we create our wholeness by developing our consciousness, having intentions that guide the partnership, managing personal energy, being self-responsible, taking risks and actively surrendering.

This program gives you a precise, structured process for consciously taking risks that lead you toward a creative and enjoyable partnership.  It consists of one full day of training and four 3-hour Creation Sessions scheduled a week to 10 days apart.  There is illuminating homework before the training day and between each session.  Homework between sessions is assigned by you, for you as the consciously chosen actions that will usher your partnership in the direction of your desire.  You will experience dramatic movement and personal transformation.

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