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Partnerships in Motion: a Renaissance in Aging

Partnerships in Motion

Partnerships in Motion: a Renaissance in Aging™ is an educational curriculum consisting of an integrated film and workbook. The program uses both a hosted teaching component and a range of dynamic aging individuals and their partners – be they friends, family or the organizations for which they work - to explore the visionary questions:

“What are the most basic inner skills that develop inside people, who are lit up and fully engaged as they age, come what may?”


“What makes a satisfying, rich, purposeful experience of older age, not only for the aging person, but for all those in relationship to them?”

Partnerships in Motion is an exuberant creation of Elders and their Partners, all participating naturally and authentically to bring their desires, purposes and loves into their families and communities in a mutually contributing way. Through the experience of both the film and workbook exercises, individuals learn to live fully, release preconceptions about aging and extend into what brings Joy. The program playfully dares participants to bring their gifts and most cherished values into action each day and learn from life in a mysterious interweave that transcends age and status.

With Partnerships in Motion we make space for and reap the possibilities of the very best in each other, radiantly, just as we are.

“Partnerships is the key to fulfillment in Aging.” 

Podcast: Vibrancy in Aging: Facilitating Partnerships that Matter

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