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Community leaders have a finely nuanced challenge when they endeavor to be drivers of large-scale social change. Whether leaders of a church congregation, civic group, social organization, human rights organization, or service profession, they dwell in paradox.

Leaders are visionaries of human possibility. They see into futures that stretch people. Whatever their field or product, by their very nature they ask people to grow and change - sometimes from absolute necessity, sometimes toward brilliant inspiration. Leaders yield specific, behavioral change that brings their vision into dynamic, living, breathing, results-producing reality.

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The Vibrational Change Theory™ is an experiential, behavior-change model that causes participants to make self-directed, behavioral changes in alignment with the positive vision of the skills being taught. The model opens creative possibilities in participants that even their leaders cannot foresee, because the model's impact is inherently multidimensional. The Vibrational Change Theory™ is particularly useful as a large-scale, social change model. The model is derived from how individuals change.